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Paris, France – “Smoke, Coffee, Love”

Paris, France. Part I: The Local

I had one “simple” goal when arriving in Paris: to simulate being a wealthy, unemployed local who is writing a novel. Yes, everyone has their fantasy. I will just come right out and admit, mine is to be an unstarving artist who lives (not vacations) around the world. I’m off to a good start with my Indian and British experiences, but I do have a day job. So with Paris, for now, I’d have to fake living there. The first step in doing this was simply making the choice of staying longer than the usual weekend, or even the standard week. I chose two weeks; which is actually a lot of time for someone who has already seen the major tourist sites, is very familiar with the city streets, and has already accumulated a list of favorite neighborhoods and cafes. It would be two weeks of unemployed living, not touring.

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