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Goa, India – “A Soft Place to Fall”

I believe every country in the world needs a town like Goa. I’m talking about a soft place to fall. A place where life feels gentle, and simple. Just thinking back to the weekend calms me, and reminds me that Earth is definitely a cool place to hang for a lifetime or so. It’s an amazingly chilled-out experience, and will leave one feeling refreshed for quite some time to come. If you’re looking for more dramatic travel stories, typical of the kind I sprinkle throughout this journal, you will have to be satisfied with words of peace and calm instead.

Goa is not over-commercialized, clean, and gentrified. She hasn’t become all Hawaii-Waikiki-Beach yet. This is still India, thank God. You still have people throwing their trash on the ground, stray dogs lounging everywhere, cows and goats roaming the streets, and water that will leave you sick for days. I wouldn’t want Goa any other way. The charm which lounges around her streets and beaches, needs to stay there forever. If Babu in the make-shift Tropicana Beach Shack ever becomes a white-skinned, Marriott-working, red-uniformed, name-tagged dork named Guy, I will weep profusely. Continue Reading