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Taj Mahal, Agra, India – “Learning to Love the Journey”

Taj Mahal: Part 1 of 3

India isn’t for people who aren’t yet ready to look past the surface of things. She wants you to be distracted by her outer shell. If you care an awful lot about the appearance of people, cars, and things, India will chew you up and spit you out faster than a Hollywood producer kicks an arrogant, talentless actress out of his office. India will use filth, poverty, odor, and other various weapons to cover her true inner beauty. If you can learn to see through all this, you will find that India is simply a gateway to your own inner world. If you can learn to see her soul, you might just end up seeing your own.

There are layers to India, and seeing into her can be pretty difficult. Even when you believe you’ve made great personal transformations that allow you to gaze even deeper, she will still poison your body with food and water. For example, two hours after I wrote The Arrogant American Does A 180, I became intensely sick. I will spare you the details of that long night. Just know that my overheated body felt like it was locked in an oven, while someone was twisting my stomach into a knot, forcing the food up, and not down. Still, I was not deterred.

But India has a long list of weapons. In fact, the more you think you understand, the more she’ll test to see if you truly get her. And this is where the story about my journey to see the Taj Mahal begins. Continue Reading