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Edinburgh, Scotland – “A Fantasy Novel”

Edinburgh, Scotland. Part 1: “Summer Surprise”

the train from London to Edinburgh Scotland travel writing blogWhen I woke up on the morning of July 28, 2011, I had no clue or warning about the magical portal that would soon be opening before my eyes. I had just returned to London from a very relaxing vacation in Barcelona, and was looking forward to spending the next few days lounging and writing at home. Well you can call it procrastination if you want, but I prefer to see it as listening to the repeating inner voice that kept screaming, “Jeff, dude, you really need to check out Edinburgh.” I didn’t feel like seeing a doctor about this voice-thing, and thankfully still had four more days before prison security would be making me return to my work desk, Monday morning. And so just a few short hours later, I found myself standing in London’s, Euston Station, buying a train ticket to a city I’ve never even thought of before. In the past, spontaneously following intuition has led to some of my life’s most joyous moments. I can now happily say, choosing to listen on that day has given similar results. It led me to a place on this planet that, for some reason, makes me feel like there is nothing wrong with anything, anywhere. For me, Edinburgh, Scotland has definitely become that kind of place. Continue Reading