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Becoming British


It’s not every day that an American wakes up and becomes a member of another country. But when the clocks struck 10:19 a.m. BST, April 13, 2017, this is exactly what happened to me.

I became British, a dual citizen of this world.

This world: a place carved with invisible lines drawn in the dirt by humans who believe they have the authority to divide land created by vast forces more than 4.5 billion years ago; a world defined by our borders and our differences, where “the other” is regarded with caution. I am proud to have been allowed to cross one of those invisible lines into another culture, and be welcomed to stay there.

If my soul exists and reincarnation is a thing, I can guess that it looks forward to the day, maybe 25,000 years from now, when simply being human will grant one the right to live and work anywhere they please on the surface of this Earth. For now, here in Earth Year 4.5 billion, I’ll take the American and British passports and smile with joy at the additional golden nugget of freedom that’s been granted to me by the modern hominids who guard borders and walls.

Thank you Britain. I’ll make you proud.I’d also like to thank the Sun for casting beautiful light on a day I will never forget. This is the Mayfair Library where it all went down.