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Northern Africa

Northern Africa

Cairo, Egypt – “Beauty and the Price”

Cairo, Egypt: Part 1 of 3

It has always been a dream of mine to walk among the great pyramids of ancient Egypt. I realize I’m not unique on this matter. It seems like everyone that’s alive would like to do this as well. And on March 27th of 2009, for the first time, I gazed upon their immense power from the back of a camel. The universe had aligned for me, and I finally made one of my life-long dreams come true. It’s important to point out, however, having a root canal can be a dream come true as well. Sometimes the pain leading up to the dentist visit can leave one fantasizing for the pain to stop in any way imaginable. In Egypt, I found myself looking for the eject button, begging the universe for the pain to stop quicker than you can scream the words: “women’s rights.” India taught me how to stop being superficial, to cherish and respect what I already have, and how to begin gazing into a human’s soul. Egypt taught me that standing before enormous beauty can be quite costly financially, emotionally and mentally. At times, she can be a high-maintenance girlfriend on steroids and crack, who’s beauty runs only skin deep. Let this story begin here and now. Continue Reading