Science Fiction/Fantasy Author & Screenwriter

About Jeff



Jeff Kasunic currently works in the film industry as a Visual Effects Artist, helping movie studios bring their stories to life, including the recent STAR TREK: BEYOND, HUNGER GAMES: MOCKING JAY, as well as the MATRIX sequels, INSURGENT, THOR, TOTAL RECALL, and MAN OF STEEL. Prior to this, he worked in feature animation for DreamWorks in Los Angeles, helping to deliver SHREK, KUNG FU PANDA, and HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, among other major studio releases.

Jeff is an American citizen from Los Angeles, California, living in his adopted home of London, United Kingdom. In 2017, he will gain dual citizenship, swearing his allegiance to England’s queen–all of this causing much concern to his parents who proudly raised him in Cleveland, Ohio. Jeff has also lived in India while consuming poisonous food, roamed the Egyptian desert on the back of a camel, scuba dived with sharks in Fiji, and almost-cried at Beethoven symphonies in Europe. These international experiences affect his writing, as he believes in creating a culturally diverse cast of characters, and strives to appeal to a global audience.